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Sell a Home In Vancouver

Once we signed a listing contract, marketing process starts. Every place is unique and requires a custom marketing strategy. I will work with you to sell your home with most money, in a shorter period of time and with fewest problems.

  • Through the Comparative Market Analysis, I will evaluate the prices of properties similar to yours that have recently sold in your area. This analysis will give you a better idea of your property’s market value.
  • My photographer will take photos of your home to present it with the highest quality of images.
  • Professionally prepared marketing materials will be provided to Buyers at all showings and open houses.
  • Your property will be placed on the Multiple Listing Service (‘MLS’) where 11,000 local REALTORS® are immediately made aware that your property is for sale via MLS.
  • With your permission, A ‘For Sale’ sign will be installed to alert the potential purchaser.
  • Your property will be advertised for sale on the Real Estate Weekly for the neighborhood edition.


Costs to be Aware when you sell…

*Lawyer or Notary Fees and Expenses:$700 – $1000

It is important to understand what is or is not included in a fees and what might be added as additional charges. Costs that are usually included are professional fees, land title search and miscellaneous office disbursements plus GST.

*Costs of Clearing Title:

Legal fees regarding clearing the title for the buyer.

* Rental Deposit Adjustments:

If the property has a rental suite the seller must transfer the tenant’s security deposit to the buyer. If completion takes place mid-month, adjustments must also be made for rent collected by the vendor and pro-rated payment made to the purchaser.

*Real Estate Commission:

These commissions will be disbursed by the lawyer/notary to the pertinent parties.

*Adjustments / Disbursements:

There a some closing adjustments which have to be calculated to cover items such as municipal property taxes, municipal water and sewer fees, strata maintenance fees, rent and security deposits.

Each of these items will be pro-rated by your lawyer or notary.

i.e. Municipal taxes [$ total for year /365] x # of days until the end of the year.

All of the above costs will be prepared into a Statement of Adjustment by your lawyer or notary.



If you are thinking of selling your home, before you become overwhelmed at the task we need to discuss 10 steps that will help bring you the objective of making this process easier on you.

1. Determine Why And When You Would Like To Sell. Motivation plays a critical factor in determining what course of action you need to take. Spring is typically a faster paced season to sell and winter tends to be a little slower. Regardless, there are always people looking to buy and seasons are only one factor to consider. Give me a call. I will be able to help get you in the right direction.

2. Sign A Listing Agreement With Me.It authorizes me and my brokerage to market and sell your home. The agreement serves 3 purposes. a) It defines our relationship and every detail and limits of your Realtors authority. b) It provides detailed information on the home which can be posted the boards Multiple Listing Service. c) It forms a basis for drafting offers on your home, formal offers start with the Listing Agreement.

3. Set Your Price. You want to attract buyers, the right asking price will attract not deter. I know the factors affecting the market. For example: Your neighborhood may be under development with larger families and houses, there may be a large company opening up bringing jobs and a demand for housing in general, interest rates may be affecting peoples willingness to take out mortgages. I will do a comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to the homes recently sold, active and expired in your area and we will set the price.

4. Find A Lawyer. You need to find a lawyer to do your conveyance; its where they transfer the title of the property to your name. Ask them how they structure their fees and get an estimate of all other costs you can expect. Please see my ‘Completion Costs Guide page.

5. Prepare Your Home For Viewing. Get your mop, vacuum, tool belt & paint brush and lets get your home a mini make-over. Its the little things you can do to attract an offer. Get rid of the clutter, clean everything, repair as much as you can within reason, add some beautifying touches like new door handles on cupboards and perhaps even paint.

6. Let Me Market Your Home. This is my expertise and this is where I can be at most benefit to you and your success. Please see My Value Proposition to You’ page for more description. Here you will find step by step how I will help you achieve your goal. I will use combinations of marketing from traditional media to MLS, my own website and networking. Open House for Realtors and the public is also very beneficial.

7. Prepare Your Finances. Is your mortgage portable without any penalties? Can the buyer assume your mortgage? Can you discharge your mortgage without any penalties? Does capitol gains tax apply to you? Talk with your mortgage broker and perhaps your accountant to see what applies

8. Offers! Lets Look At Offers. I will walk you through the process, you will see every offer. There may be some conditions you may want to change; we will discuss each and every detail. This is one of the most important tasks and reasons you have hired me, the negotiation skills. Dont be offended if your offer is well below the asking price. Instead, evaluate it for what its worth and counter back. Successful negotiation is an art and because its a highly emotional time and Im here to guide you through with success.

9. Close The Deal! Excellent, negotiations are successful and we have time for the most vital steps now. A) Contact your lawyer and let them know an Agreement has been signed. B) Immediately begin satisfying any conditions that require your actions to complete C) Notify the lawyer and lending institution if the buyer is assuming your mortgage D) Contact utilities, telephone and cable companies about transfer or removal of service E) Call insurance agent and arrange cancellation or transfer of your homeowners insurance F) Call a moving company G) Send out change of address cards including Ministry of Transportation for your BCDL etc. H) Notify me immediately if there are any changes to your property or situation.

Congratulations!!! You have sold your house! Im please to have helped you :-)